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The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia relies on individuals who make our region a better place to bike through their own private philanthropy. Without them, the success we’ve attained through collective advocacy might fade and our programming efforts could fall behind.

These individuals set the pace.

We salute their generosity and the reasons they choose to invest in better bicycling for us all.  If you want to see your name on this list of our important contributors, click here.


Major Gifts over the past year

The following people gave major gifts to the Bicycle Coalition:

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Jack Ahrens, MD

Linda Altman and Richard Canel


Perry Benson

Jonathan Berger

Michael Broennle

Sheryl and William Bullitt

Ronald Collman, MD

Jeffrey and Ruth Ann Dubb

Jason and Angela Duckworth

Thomas Durling

Abigail Flitter

Sue Goldstein and Jon Curtis

Anne Gordon and Phil Berman

David and Ann Hilton

Jerome and Julie Jacobs

Greg and Stephanie Ladner

Charles Marshall

Isabel Melvin

Pamela Murphy

Hank and Terri O’Donnell

Daniel Rader and Carolyn Cannuscio

Theresa and John Rollins

Harry Roth and Lisa Heller

Matthew and Megan Rutt

Lauran Schultz

Sharyon Family

Mimi Sheller

Leslye Silver

Jeffrey Silverman

Harvey Stein

Elizabeth and Shawn Sweeney

Bob Thomas

Karl Ulrich

Dr. Thomas Vernon and Pat West

Karen Winey and Russell Composto

Raymond and Jennifer Wynman

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