The Case of the Mysterious 22nd Street Bike Lane Gap

Gap in the 22nd Street bike lane between Winter and the Parkway

For those of you who bike north on 22nd Street, you’ve most likely been wondering … well … a lot of things. Among them: what happened to the bike lane between Winter Street and the Parkway?

When the Streets Department repaved 22nd in August 2018, they ended the bike lane at Winter Street.

When PennDOT refurbished the deck of the 22nd Street bridge in 2018, they didn’t put in the bike lane.

We had initially been told that it would be completed.

But, so far, no answers as to when — or by whom.

In the meantime, we’ve written this letter to PennDOT and OTIS, in an attempt to figure out what happened, and when the striping will be complete.

In addition to the mystery here, and the obvious fact that 22nd Street needs a protected bike lane, this is another example why the Streets Department needs a budget line item for stripping materials. Even if this was an honest mistake, a budget for materials would make the process of getting out on the street and completing the striping a lot easier.

Please sign this petition to help us make the case to Mayor Kenney and the Streets Department that they need to prioritize installing and refreshing bike lanes.

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