Ten-Year-Old Bicyclist Dies in Northeast Philadelphia

Earlier this month, Mekhi Freeman, a ten-year-old student at Solis-Cohen Elementary School in Northeast Philadelphia was killed in a crash while he was riding his bicycle near the intersection of Loretto and Longshore Avenues.

The crash occurred at the red, dotted marker

The crash occurred at the red, dotted marker


Freeman was riding west through the intersection when he was struck by an SUV that dragged him about fifty feet. No charges have been filed.

There is not currently a bike lane on Loretto Avenue, but it is designated as a priority bike lane for future installation in the City of Philadelphia’s Pedestrian/Bicycle Plan. The City has not yet adopted a district plan for this region as part of the Philadelphia2035 initiatives.

Safe Routes Philly has worked with Solis-Cohen to teach pedestrian and bicycle safety lessons to students. We will continue supporting teachers to deliver those lessons throughout the school year. In addition, we have prioritized Solis-Cohen for a walkability audit that will provide suggestions for infrastructural improvements such as traffic circles that have calmed traffic in other cities’ residential neighborhoods. We are also working with stakeholders to develop a Vision Zero platform for the City to reach zero traffic deaths.

The family is asking for donations for a simple funeral for Mekhi. Learn more and donate here. We extend our sincere condolences to the family and the community.

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