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SEPTA Pilots Bike Parking Inside Walnut-Locust Station

As we reported in December, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia worked with Temple Planning students on their report on Center City bike parking. We then met with SEPTA to discuss the findings of the report. SEPTA responded that they are committed to improving bike parking at many of its stations. One near-term commitment, then, was […]

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Seeking Contractors for Bike Corral Surgery, Stat!

We have a wounded bike corral in need of some tender loving care. Our beautiful bike corral, installed in September 2011 at Walnut & Sydenham, has been a fixture of the Center City bike parking scene ever since. Sometime during the World Cup it was hit by a car (a disgruntled FC Brazil fan, perhaps?) and is […]

Where in University City Would You Like a Bike Rack?

The University Bike Collective which launched last year is undertaking its first public campaign – to identify areas in need of more bike parking. They announced the initiative February 14th on their Facebook page: In an effort to make biking more convenient in University City, the University Bike Collective asks YOU, where do we need more bike racks? […]

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