SEPTA removes trolley tracks at 12th & Spring Garden


New pavement replaced dangerous trolley tracks at the Intersection of 12th aand Spring Garden. Photo credit: SEPTA

Three years ago, the Bicycle Coalition asked SEPTA and the Streets Department to collaborate to fix 24 prioritized intersections, to either remove and/or pave over inactive trolley tracks that were a hazard to bicyclists, pedestrians, physically challenged and motorists.

The intersections coincided with the old Route 23 trolley tracks and the initial zone where Indego was launched.

The agreement was spurred by a crash that occurred in December 2013 when former Bicycle Coalition staffer Katie Monroe broke her jaw in three places after a spill at 11th and Reed Streets.

By the end of 2015, 20 out of 24 intersections were fixed by either SEPTA or the Streets Department.

This past September, the dreaded tracks at 11th and Reed were removed and paved over.  That left just one intersection remaining from the original list.

Well, we are now happy to report that around December 9th, SEPTA removed the trolley tracks from the stop bar on 12th Street, north of Ridge (approx. 100’ south of Brandywine), through the pedestrian crossing on the southwest and southeast corner of 12th and Spring Garden.

This is a major commuting route for many bicyclists and a very welcome improvement.   SEPTA not only removed the tracks, but also hired a contractor to do the paving.  Many thanks to everyone at SEPTA for making this important intersection safer for bicyclists and all users of the street.

We especially want to thank SEPTA GM Jeff Knueppel and former Deputy Mayor Rina Cutler and Streets Department senior staff for making safety a priority and improving these intersections.


Looking down 12th Street from Spring Garden. Photo credit: SEPTA

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2 comments on “SEPTA removes trolley tracks at 12th & Spring Garden

  1. Kaley

    I was elated to see this major change! Way to go, Philly!
    What can we do to see more of 12th street covered? Just last month I fell off my bike while crossing the tracks at 12th and Wood -where there are a series of potholes and the tracks are above the road. Thanks!

  2. Claudia

    I ride through this intersection every day, and noticed that it was paved over a few weeks ago. I no longer have to brace myself for impact every time I go over the tracks – a sweet holiday surprise, indeed! Thanks for your advocacy, BCGP!

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