Family Biking

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Bicycling is an excellent activity to do with your children. It is high-quality family time, giving both parents and children fun exercise while providing the opportunity to instill values around the outdoors, fitness, health, and safety. With the right equipment, you can also use a bicycle to take your children on errands, to school, or to other activities.

Getting Started

Kidical Mass Philadelphia logoThe best resource for how to ride with children is other parents! We have partnered with Philadelphia Kidical Mass on a series of rides, workshops, and parent meet-ups.

  • Join Kidical Mass’s Facebook group to meet a friendly and information-rich community of Philadelphia-area parents who ride with their children.
  • Visit our Events Calendar and Rides and Classes page for Kidical Mass rides and other family-oriented bicycling events like workshops and meetups.
  • Wondering about gear? Our Bike Shops page lists the shops in the area which carry family-oriented bicycle equipment and gear.
  • Find a trail near you! The Circuit is a growing network of walking and bicycling trails in our 9-county region. These trails are almost all car-free, so they’re perfect for an outdoor exploration with young children. Find a nearby trail for your next outing on the Circuit website.
Web Resources
  • This 13-page guide tells you everything you need to know about bike and gear options, and getting started with young children.
  • Bicycling to school is a great way to build exercise into your child’s daily routine. Our Safe Routes Philly program partners with Philadelphia schools to teach bicycle and pedestrian safety, and helps schools start programs like Bike to School Days. Learn more about Safe Routes Philly on its program page.
  • The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition has developed a good multi-lingual Family Biking Guide.
Bike rentals

Renting bicycles designed to carry children can be a good way to learn what you and your children enjoy riding. Wheel Fun Rentals, Simon & Firth Transport Cycles, and Fairmount Bicycles are three centrally-located stores that offer appropriate rentals. You can find their information on our Bike Shops page.

Volunteer for the BCGP!

Take the next step in getting involved in your bicycling community. Learn more here.