Bike Maps

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Philadelphia Regional Bike Map


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Faded Bike Lanes

Transit and the Circuit Trails

The Bicycle Coalition has also created a map showing Circuit Transit Stops. This map shows the nearest bus stops and rail stations to the Circuit Trails and features select bus routes that bridge the gaps in the existing trail network.

Biking down the shore

A morning bicycle ride on the boardwalk is as iconic as salt water taffy and sun poisoning. But most boardwalks and promenades limit bicycling to the morning hours only. In recent years resort communities have been responding by building more bike infrastructure. This map will help you plan everything that you need to know for your bicycling vacation on the Jersey Shore and the Delaware Beaches.

Regional Rail and Bike Share Near Philly Bike Lanes

Regional Bicycle Crash Map 2011-2019

Bike Lane Deserts


Taking Your Bike On Amtrak

Amtrak has greatly expanded bike access on its trains. But not every station and train handles bicycles. Rules and fees also vary by train. This map will help you plan your trip and show you some great bike trails near Amtrak stations.


Covered Bike Parking

In July 2013, the Be Well Philly blog created a map of covered bike parking in Center City Philadelphia. You can find their map here.

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