Bike Laws


One of the biggest causes of confusion and danger on our streets is the lack of universal knowledge of bicycle laws.  Laws vary by state and in some cases, by municipality. Here, in plain English, are the laws that pertain to bicycling riding in our region.


Want to know where and when cars are allowed to park in bike lanes? What the “Rules of the Road” you hear proclaimed from electronic roadside signs? You’ve come to the right place.

Pennsylvania Bike Laws

The bike laws in non-Philadelphia parts of Pennsylvania can be obscure or inconsistently enforced. Here are links to resources that will tell you what the laws are in your section of the state.

New Jersey

Bicycling in the Garden State is a mixed bag. Many local municipalities are adopting Complete Streets policies, yet the state does not recognize bicycles as legal vehicles. Look here for a plain-English overview of the laws and links to the legalese.

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