Protected Bike Lane, Other Safety Improvements, Coming to Parkside in West Philadelphia

Good news everyone: As part of Philadelphia’s Vision Zero Action Plan, a new corridor safety project is coming to Parkside Avenue between 52nd Street and Girard Avenue. The changes will make it safer for people walking, biking driving, and taking transit along that stretch of West Philadelphia.

The Office of Transportation and Infrastructure Systems and neighbors in Parkside have been working toward this project for a while now, so we’re glad to see it’s begun.

Parkside Avenue was in need of changes, to say the least. There were 147 reported crashes between 2012 and 2016, injuring 120 people.

This project will make Parkside Avenue safer by shortening crossing distances, calming vehicle speeds, indicating bus stop areas, adding a parking-protected bike lane, and “upgrading an important link in the bicycle network” to connect 40th Street and Parkside.

This project will also improve access for people using Indego bike share throughout this neighborhood, and create a safer area to try out this form of public transportation. There are Indego bike sharing stations at 4300 S. Concourse St. and 1575 N 52nd St., near the upcoming protected bike lane.

The project is currently ongoing. We will provide an update on this blog when it’s complete.

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