Paris-Roubaix Fundraiser Brings in $1,000 for BCGP

We’re grateful to have the support of our local business community. We’re thrilled to share that a recent fundraiser hosted by KC Kulp & The Whip Tavern, Tim Gresh of Gresh Fit in West Chester, and Robert Dredge, head of the Bike Chester Steering Committee raised $1,000 for our advocacy!

The Paris Roubaix replay party provided a fun and welcoming atmosphere. Food and drink were provided by The Whip Tavern with a Belgium- and France-influenced menu, specially designed by KC Kulp (who was busy throughout the night making fresh pommes frittes!).

This party was so much fun that we hope to see more like it hosted at different shops and businesses around the region. Thank you again, KC, Tim, and Robert, and to everyone who came out and supported the event!

Topics: Biking the Suburbs

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