Safe Streets, Healthy Neighborhoods

Our Safe Streets, Healthy Neighborhoods campaign works with Philadelphians to identify changes to neighborhood streets that will make walking, biking and taking transit safer and more enjoyable. The goal is to overcome barriers to getting around our neighborhoods. Accomplishing this will make our communities safer, healthier, and more livable, and provide equitable access to Philadelphia’s recreational and economic resources.
Spring Garden Greenway rendering (PEC)

Credit: Pennsylvania Environmental Council

Our Approach

Innovative education programs promote active transportation as healthier for our waistlines, wallets and the air we breathe.
Innovative street design makes streets safer for all road users and more convenient for bicyclists, walkers and transit users.
Community outreach addresses physical and cultural barriers to biking and walking in the African-American and Latino communities.

Where We're Working

We are focusing on six key corridors in Philadelphia as seen on this map. This map is diagrammatic; specific alignments will be determined through public dialog.

Safe Streets Healthy Neighborhoods map
The Benefits

We are asking Philadelphia neighborhoods what improvements they want to see in their streets, and helping bring about those changes. Improving our streets helps our neighborhoods in many ways.

Health Through Mobility: Streets that are more pleasant for walkers or bikers will increase walking and biking, which helps fight obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and stress.

Safety Through Design: Curb bump outs reduce the distance pedestrians have to walk in the street. Such infrastructure reduces crashes and injuries by making streets calmer and traffic more predictable.

Livability Through Safety: Calmer, safer streets are more pleasant, which makes our neighborhoods safer, better places to traverse.

How You Can Get Involved

Our program is still developing, and we welcome questions & comments – please send them to You can also contact our program partners:

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