The Pumptrack

Philly Pumptrack photo1

The pumptrack is one of Philadelphia’s most dynamic bicycle amenities, it opened in the spring of 2014.

Location: 53rd & Parkside Avenue (map) on the edge of Fairmount Park (near the Mann Center).

What is a pumptrack?

A pumptrack is a dirt track around which riders can ride bicycles (especially BMX bikes) by using a pumping motion instead of pedaling. It is technical, a great way to learn good bike handling skills, and super fun.


Background on the Philly pumptrack
Philly Pumptrack logo


The pumptrack is the result of hundreds of hours of dedication from an all-volunteer team. The Bicycle Coalition sponsored the project, and it received additional help from Philadelphia Parks & Recreation, Advanced Sports International, Neighborhood Bike Works, Bicycle Therapy, and local bicyclists.

The pumptrack was created to be a place for urban youth and adults, close to their homes, to ride bikes in safe numbers and in mixed-age groups. The pumptrack is an open space where both riding and spectating are encouraged. In 2018 the Pump Track received a grant from People for Bikes for a dirt jump expansion project.


How to get involved

The people behind the Philly pumptrack are always looking for volunteers to help maintain the track, donate bicycles and maintenance supplies, or just join the strong community building up around the track. Contact them on their Facebook page or the contacts section of their website.

The track is built and maintained through donations. You can make a donation through this page; all money received through this page goes directly to the pumptrack.