Biking in Philly

All of our work in Philadelphia is aimed at one goal: to make Philadelphia the best city in American to ride a bicycle. We have come a long way but there is much more left to do. Transforming our streets is a complicated endeavor, requiring us to work on many fronts and with many different partners. Not all of our work fits neatly into our other campaigns. So here are other realms in which we are actively involved.

Bike to Work2

Pedestrian/Bicycle Plan

The Philadelphia Planning Commission adopted a Pedestrian & Bicycle Plan in 2012. The Bicycle Coalition is committed to working with the City to get the recommendations of this plan adopted sooner rather than later.

Spruce and Pine Street

The Spruce and Pine bike lanes were a transformational moment for bicycling in Philly, and remain central to our maturation as a bicycling city.


We support equitable enforcement of Philadelphia’s traffic laws. Our streets will be safer when all street users know the laws and follow them.

Complete Streets

In the fall of 2013, we helped the City of Philadelphia pass a Complete Streets Bill. This policy will pay long-lasting benefits to Philadelphia street users, no matter how they get around.

Bike Lanes and Other Campaigns

We are always looking for opportunities to get new stretches of bike lane installed. Many factors influence when and where Philadelphia adds bike lanes. They include City Council’s opinion, neighborhood support, and the Streets Department’s paving schedule (which is in turn influenced by Streets’ budget). It’s not always where a bike lane is needed most – sometimes it’s where the fight will be most winnable.

Want to know what street might get a lane next, or what was recently installed? You can see our current campaigns in our Action Center, and a history of our successes in our Victories.

The Pumptrack

We are sponsors of the Philadelphia pumptrack, the first such facility in the city. Located at 53rd & Parkside Ave in Fairmount Park, the pumptrack opened in the spring of 2014.