Jeannette Brugger is Philly’s new Bike/Ped Coordinator


MOTU's new Bike/Ped Coordinator Jeannette Brugger

MOTU’s new Bike/Ped Coordinator Jeannette Brugger

The Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities “makes sure that the investments and plans that affect the city’s infrastructure and the people who use it are done with a shared vision of increased mobility and sustainability.”

And as such, MOTU has a Bike/Ped coordinator, making sure planned bike and pedestrian facilities and infrastructure gets done.

Former Bike/Ped coordinator Charles Carmalt recently retired and we were very excited to learn that Jeannette Brugger, formerly of the Planning Commission, will be taking over as Philadelphia’s new Bike/Ped Coordinator.

Ms. Brugger worked with the Planning Commission for four-and-a-half years, focusing on pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular transportation planning and implementation citywide. She helped draft the Philadelphia Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan in 2012 and was the primary author of the Philadelphia Trail Master Plan in 2013.

Ms. Brugger has worked in the non-profit, private, and public sectors in transportation, open space, and land use planning in the Philadelphia region since 2005. She received a BA from New York University in 2002 and an MCP from the University of Pennsylvania in 2005.

We’re super psyched to have her on board.

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7 comments on “Jeannette Brugger is Philly’s new Bike/Ped Coordinator

  1. Oedipus

    Super psyched?? Seriously??? Are you a writer or a sycophant who strives for mediocrity? Supporting what amounts to a form of nepotism in non-profits in Philadelphia is hardly courageous. I am super psyched to say this.

    • Brad

      Really? Nepotism in non-profits? Hiring someone from the non-profit sector into the government sector is not a form of nepotism. Would you make the same nepotism argument if a business hired someone from the for-profit world, or God forbid, from the same for-profit sector of the economy? And one more thing: it’s a bicycle coalition blog, not CNN. If you want hard journalism go read a newspaper.

    • Michael McGettigan

      I have spotted Ms. Brugger on site at some of the most agonizing planning and governmental meetings imaginable, enduring endless Power Point presentations in rooms low in oxygen, waiting for the proper moment to make sure Philadelphia cyclists’ needs are represented. Have also seen her out on the road as a daily cyclist. It appears she also has a metric ton of planning education and experience. We can help, not by carping, but by being an informed and when needed, loud constituency of cyclists and pedestrians.

      — mcget / trophy bikes

  2. Jen

    Don’t be hating! Yay for bikers, someone who it passionate about their job.

  3. Owen Sindler

    My hope is that Jeanette brings energy and advocacy to the job.

  4. Peter L.

    Bicycles are required to have bells. (Bike rules of Philadelphia) Yours has a bell in the picture. Is there some reason that the Indego bikes have no bells? Silent running is dangerous!

  5. Peter L.

    Sorry, my mistake. Just heard the bells. Thank you.

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