Introducing ‘Lanespotter’: Waze for Bikes

By Lynsie Campbell

Hello Fellow Bike Lover!

My name is Lynsie Campbell and I’m the Founder of LaneSpotter. I’m also a mom who rides a bike with her three-year-old son almost every day.

Alone, I’m a pretty confident cyclist. But when I started to ride with my son, it totally changed the way I looked at biking. I started to focus more and more on safety. Specifically, on safe routes. That’s why I created LaneSpotter.

LaneSpotter is a mapping and navigation tool created for bicyclists, by bicyclists. Think “Waze” for bikes!

Our Mission: Make bicycling safer, easier, and more fun for EVERYONE.

We’re excited to partner with the Bicycle Coalition to bring LaneSpotter to the Greater Philadelphia region. Here’s what you’ll find when you join our community of bicyclists:

Philadelphia Bike Map

Take the Philly bike map with you on the go. Quickly and easily find all of the protected bike lanes, painted bike lanes, shared lanes, and multi-use trails in and around the city.

Safety Map

Bicyclists rate the roads they travel to help other riders. Help us expand the Philadelphia Region’s Safety Map by adding your ratings!


Drop temporary or permanent pins on the map to notify other riders of real-time conditions in your neighborhood. Alerts include things like potholes, trail closures, dangerous intersections, and shortcuts.

Download the iOS App  Launch Website

If you have any questions, comments or feedback about LaneSpotter, contact me at I love talking bikes!


P.S. Android coming soon!

We’re proud to sponsor this year’s Vision Zero Conference – cyclists know there’s safety in numbers, so register to attend today.

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One comment on “Introducing ‘Lanespotter’: Waze for Bikes

  1. Mark Knight

    I’m really looking forward to the android release of lanespotter. Thanks for helping make things safer on our roads.

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