How To Get to Trenton’s Pork Roll Festival & Bike Tour

The 6th annual Trenton Pork Roll Festival is coming up on May 25th. The event features food vendors cooking with New Jersey’s most iconic ingredient, live music, and even a “Pork Rollout” bike tour. Don’t know what pork roll is? A late May weekend bike ride may be a great way to find out.

Our partners at Trenton Cycling Revolution have organized a ride to and around the festival for a few years now as well.  Click this link for ride info from Trenton Cycling Revolution.

If you’re interested in attending but not interested in driving, we’ve got solutions for you! 

  1. Cheapest option with best bike accommodations: NJT Riverline. Each two-car train has room for 6 bikes to be stored on upright racks inside the train, with no time restrictions. Additional bikes can be brought on each train in excess of the 6-bike capacity with no apparent limit. We’ve been on rides with more than a dozen bikes in a single train car. Fare is below $2 one way, with regular departures from downtown Camden. Scheduling info here. Buy your tickets at the kiosk on the platform! Tickets are not sold on the train. PATCO is also an option to get across the river with your bike.
  2. SEPTA option: much more expensive, more strict bike limits (folks have been denied entry when the two-bike per car capacity is reached), but faster service and leaves from Center City Philadelphia. Scheduling info here. Be sure to get on the Trenton line, NOT West Trenton

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