Spread the Joy of Bicycling

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Biking brings more than just a lift to your spirit. It brings mobility and access, transportation, and builds healthier and more sustainable communities.

Donate today to make an investment in a region better for bicycling.

Five reasons to give to the Bicycle Coalition:

  • Values: We share your desire to make the region greener and easier to get around, to create more opportunities for active transportation and recreation, to promote safety, and to spread the joy of bicycling. Your membership puts your values into action!
  • Knowledge: We’ll keep you updated on all things bicycling in the region, from trail groundbreakings, to the best routes to take, to when to contact your elected officials to advocate for better bike infrastructure. You’ll be a more empowered cyclist.
  • Support: Have you ever gotten frustrated by a pothole on your commute that won’t disappear? Have you wished you could get to your favorite trail from your house more easily? We’re here to help address your concerns and advocate to make your ride better.
  • Strength: There’s power in numbers. The more voices we have when we go to State Representatives, City Council, or municipal officials, the more powerful we are. You strengthen our movement when you contribute to the Bicycle Coalition!
  • Investment: Think of the best trail systems and best bike commuting infrastructure you’ve seen nationwide and even worldwide. You’ll be a part of the region’s transformation into a world-class cycling destination, and investing in the trails, bike lanes, and connections you’ll use for years to come.

Plus, your support creates opportunities and spreads joy – the same joy that you get when you ride.

Spread the Joy of Bicycling
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