Renew Your Membership

Dear Fellow Member,

Since 1972, the Bicycle Coalition has relied on members like you to power our advocacy. We have made great progress towards making Greater Philadelphia one of the best places in the country to ride a bike — and we see opportunities that can truly transform the region.

But we can’t act on opportunities like the Circuit, making PennDOT bike-friendly or adding more buffered bike lanes in Philadelphia without your membership dues.

There are too many ways to get frustrated today by things big and small: an inconsiderate motorist on your last bike ride, aggravation at too many potholes, the lack of vision in DC and Harrisburg for how government can make a positive change in how we get around (or any other part of our lives).

Let me offer one remedy: the power of membership. Your small step of renewing, joined with thousands of other members, enables us to tackle the big problem of finding better ways to get around — one street and one trail at a time.

Thank you for your support!

Sarah Clark Stuart

Executive Director