Did You Witness This Crash in Manayunk Last Friday?

Ag Manta and his brother, Vin, were riding their bicycles on Main Street, Manayunk, early Saturday morning, June 30th when, as Ag recounts it, he was intentionally hit from behind by the driver of a gray Toyota Scion.

The crash happened at 1:30am at the corner of Main Street and Ridge Avenue. The driver and passenger were both white males who appeared to be in their 20s, and had been instigating the cyclists before the crash.

“I was flown from my bike and the driver sped though three red lights to get away,” Manta says. “It was a gray 2014-2016 Scion tC. We didn’t get plates but there were multiple witnesses and the front right exterior of the car was torn off.”


While he was mostly uninjured, his bike was pretty messed up. He’s asking that anyone with information about the assault come forward. A piece of the car’s bumper came off in the intentional crash, and can be seen below.

He has been in contact with the Philadelphia Police Department and a lawyer, but can use some help.

If you have any information about this crash, please contact Stuart Leon.

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2 comments on “Did You Witness This Crash in Manayunk Last Friday?

  1. Kyle Murphy

    Are there any traffic cameras out that way? It shouldnt be too hard to determine which way the car was going and see if any cameras picked it up. Are there even security cameras on the buildings that could possibly view the plate number? This is a pretty busy street for someone to get away with a hit and run. Good thing this guy is alright.

  2. No Mas

    Check that cat part, there should be a VIN number on it if its the original part, and then you should be able to track the owner from that

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