DelCo: Meet Your New Affiliate Chair!

He swims, he bikes, he runs!

It’s been a busy February for our suburban advocacy. In addition to adding a new Chair for Gloucester County, we’ve revamped our DelCo Affiliate group with a new Chair and steering committee. Amarjit Singh of Broomall recently took the helm of DelCo. He’s an accomplished triathlete whose passion for cycling goes back to his childhood. 

Amarjit grew up in a village in India where the main form of transportation was the bicycle. After moving here, his cycling dropped off, and his weight picked up as he became more reliant on the automobile for transportation. He signed up for some spin classes at his local gym, which rekindled his passion for cycling. After some adjusting to riding in the US (Circuit trails were his gateway drug to cycling for transportation), he now is able to ride his bike for many of his daily needs, not just for recreation and exercise.

He’s dedicated to helping make DelCo a more walkable and bikeable area for users of all comfort levels, and we couldn’t be more happy to have him on board. Forward DelCo!

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