Cyclist Struck and Critically Injured in KoP

From the Upper Merion Police Department’s Facebook page:

Type of Incident: Bicycle Accident
Incident Number: 17-20411
Date of Incident: 9-20-2017

On September 20, 2017 at 7:45 PM the Upper Merion Township Police were dispatched to a report of a bicycle crash at the intersection of First Avenue and Moore Road in the King of Prussia section of the township. Upon arrival they found an unconscious male lying face down in the street. He was in the curbside lane on First Avenue and tangled up in his bicycle. A motorist that came upon him did not know what happened to him and called 911. He was taken to Penn Presbyterian Hospital where he remains in critical, but stable condition. The police are asking for anyone who may have information about what happened to please call the Upper Merion Police Traffic Safety Unit at (610) 265-3232.

Unlike the story we reported on yesterday, this apparent hit-and-run crash was not covered by TV media. It was picked up only by Mainline Media News.

Unfortunately, this incident does bear a resemblance to yesterday’s -and several others we’ve covered over the years– in that it involves an intersection that was designed for automobile primacy, like the majority of suburban roads nationwide.

While this intersection has marked crosswalks, the crossing length is rather long, there are no shoulders, and it is not clear whether the number of auto lanes marked are what is needed for the area’s regular auto traffic.

The suburbs can be a perilous place to be a cyclist. In 2014, Bicycling Magazine, in attempting to quantify the worst city in the nation for cycling, wrote “the worst city is the suburbs.”

We will continue to shine a light on these crashes, and to advocate to change that paradigm.

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One comment on “Cyclist Struck and Critically Injured in KoP

  1. Joe L

    Sad. And one of the worst suburbs is Upper Merion. No facilities for cyclists or pedestrians. No shoulders, and no sidewalks. I watch commuters walk in the street down Moore rd from the bus stop to their jobs every day.

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