Census Data Show Growth in Philly Bicycle Commuters


Cyclists on the South Street Bridge (Photo: Dan Chabanov)

Cyclists on the South Street Bridge (Photo: Dan Chabanov)

The Census Bureau released its yearly report this week on how Americans get to work based on the 2015 American Community Survey — and Philadelphia experienced a small surge in bicycle ridership.

The report, which covers travel time, distance traveled, and means of transportation, found 2.2 percent of Philadelphians traveled to work via bicycle in 2015, an increase from a low-point of 1.9 percent in 2014.

When cities with more than 1 million people are taken into account, Philadelphia is still the most-biked big city in the United States.

Among 70 cities nationwide, Philadelphia is ranked 9th in terms of the percentage of bicycle commuters. It is ahead of Denver and St. Paul, but behind New Orleans, Oakland, and Tuscon.

When the Census broke down by gender, 3 percent men bike to work, while 1.4 percent of women bike to work.

These statistics show growth. In 2014, the percentage of Philadelphians biking to work was only 1.9 percent.

To review the report in percentages click here. To view the report with population numbers click here.

-Marina Stuart

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One comment on “Census Data Show Growth in Philly Bicycle Commuters

  1. Joseph

    I bike from Camden County to Philly for work often. I hope I’m somehow counted at some point!

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