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What’s Behind a 1-Year Drop in Philly Bicycle Commuting?

2017 was a banner year for bicycling in Philadelphia. We counted a record amount of bicycle traffic on the South Street Bridge. The 2017 Census Data which was released about a year later confirmed our trend. Philadelphia was buckling the national trend of stagnated bicycle commuter stats. It also showed that South Philadelphia had the […]

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Meet Our New Team Members

Here at the Bicycle Coalition, we are wrapping up our summer season and preparing for a busy season of advocacy and engagement, including the 2019 Active Transportation Forum and drumming up support for the legalization of parking protected bike lanes and pedestrian plazas. We’re excited to welcome two new people to our team to help […]

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DVRPC’s Level of Traffic Stress Analysis: Now With 1000% More New Jersey

In 2017, the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) performed a “Level of Traffic Stress” (LTS) analysis of the five Pennsylvania counties in the Philadelphia region. Using a multi-faceted set of data (road widths, shoulders, bike lanes, speed limits, etc), the LTS analysis separates every road in the region into one of four levels, from […]

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Governor Murphy Signs Bill That Legalizes E-Bikes and E-Scooters in New Jersey

On May 13th NJ Governor Phil Murphy signed legislation that regulates the operation of low-speed electric bicycles and low-speed electric scooters. The new law takes effect immediately. Although E-Bikes have been in use in the state, their status was caught in legal limbo. NJ DOT and the State Police insisted that E-Bikes were motorized vehicles […]

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Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia and Bike Pittsburgh launch effort to legalize parking protected bike lanes and pedestrian plazas

Members of the Pennsylvania State Legislature introduced legislation which would allow for parking-protected bike lanes and pedestrian plazas on state roads throughout the state. The bipartisan bills in the House and Senate, co-sponsored by Democrats and Republicans throughout the Keystone state, will amend the state vehicle code so that motor vehicles do not necessarily need […]

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Learning About the Dockless Rollout in the Charm City

  In 2018, the City of Baltimore launched a dockless e-scooter pilot program to study the implementation issues that included safety, deployment in what the City calls equity zones and public support for the program. The City Department of Transportation has finished the report and recommended that the program become permanent. You can read the […]

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2018: Total Traffic Deaths Increase, Roosevelt Boulevard Still a Death Trap

In what has become a terrible reality for Philadelphia, total traffic deaths in 2018 remained stuck at around 100 for the year—and, in fact, increased from 99 in 2017, to 103 in 2018. Of those who were killed in traffic, 42 were pedestrians, four were bicyclists, and eight were either children/youth. Fourteen of the people […]

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Bicycle Coalition in 2018: March Highlights

As the year closes, we’re highlighting what we accomplished thanks to our members and volunteers. We’ll be publishing a blog each day covering the successes enabled by our members’ and partners’ investment in us. New Funding for Schuylkill River Trail In March, Senators Bob Casey and Pat Toomey announced that the Trump Administration had approved a $12 […]

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4 Miles of New Lanes and 9 Miles of Upgrades: 2017 Philly Bike Infrastructure

According to the Office of Transportation and Infrastructure Systems (oTIS), the City of Philadelphia added and improved 33 miles of on-road bike infrastructure (bike lanes and sharrows) in 2017. Included in this number are approximately 4 miles of new bike lanes and 9 miles of existing conventional bike lanes that were upgraded with a painted buffer. The […]

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US Census Shows Uptick In Suburban Philadelphia Bike Commuters

Last week we looked at the 2017 American Community Survey data, which showed that the number of bike commuters in Philadelphia increased by 20 percent. This week we reviewed data for the suburban Counties. In December, the Census Bureau will release 5-year data, which will enable us to drill down to bike commuter rates in every […]

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