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Philadelphia Police Take Steps Toward Better Traffic Violence Reporting and Investigations

The Police Department recently took two important steps this fall to promote Vision Zero. These steps address two out of five asks made by Families for Safe Streets Greater Philadelphia in its Serving Justice report issued in February 2019. First: the PPD’s Police Foundation approved a grant for the Accident Investigative Division to purchase a […]

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PA Drivers Will Get To Know The “Dutch Reach”

The “Dutch Reach” is now an official part of the PA Driver’s Manual (page 93). The Dutch Reach is a technique whereby a driver is trained to open the car door with their right hand (or left, if exiting on the passenger side of the car), which forces the body to turn towards the sideview […]

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2019 Ride of Silence is Wednesday, May 15

The 2019 Ride of Silence—an annual 10-mile bike ride throughout Philadelphia to raise awareness of cyclists’ rights and to honor those cyclists killed in traffic crashes—will take place Wednesday, May 15, 2019 at 6:45pm on the Philadelphia Art Museum steps. Five bicyclists have been killed in the Delaware Valley in the last 12 months. They […]

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Driver Who Killed Emily Fredricks Charged

More than a year after Emily Fredricks was killed by the driver of a private trash hauler in Center City, that driver is being charged and has been arrested. The District Attorney’s Office will be making an official announcement at 11:30am on Wednesday. The driver is charged with Homicide By Vehicle, Involuntary Manslaughter, and Recklessly Endangering […]

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New Study Finds Few Motorists Face Charges After Killing Pedestrians, Cyclists, Motorcyclists

A new study by the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia and Families for Safe Streets Greater Philadelphia found few, if any, motorists involved in fatal crashes with vulnerable users (pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists) are ever charged by law enforcement. About 16 percent of people who kill vulnerable road users in Philadelphia are charged after the […]

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Families for Safe Streets Greater Philadelphia to Make Vision Zero Demands on 2/28

For Immediate Release: February 21, 2019 Contact: Randy LoBasso,, 215-242-9253 Ext. 311 Families for Safe Streets Greater Philadelphia will gather at 11th and Spruce Streets on Thursday, February 28, with several demands to the City, the state and law enforcement to make Philadelphia’s streets safer for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists. Led by the Fredricks Family, Latanya Byrd, […]

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2018: Total Traffic Deaths Increase, Roosevelt Boulevard Still a Death Trap

In what has become a terrible reality for Philadelphia, total traffic deaths in 2018 remained stuck at around 100 for the year—and, in fact, increased from 99 in 2017, to 103 in 2018. Of those who were killed in traffic, 42 were pedestrians, four were bicyclists, and eight were either children/youth. Fourteen of the people […]

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Wissahickon Path Reopens After Terrible Lincoln Drive Crash

  A horrendous crash on Lincoln Drive last weekend closed the Wissahickon Trail—but it is been inspected by the city, and has been reopened. Last weekend, the driver of a motor vehicle crashed through the guardrail at a curve on Lincoln Drive, sending their car off a cliff and slamming into a bike/ped bridge on […]

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The Bicycle Coalition in 2018: February Highlights

As the year closes, we’re highlighting what we accomplished thanks to our members and volunteers. We’ll be publishing a blog each day covering the successes enabled by our members’ and partners’ investment in us. Here is a brief rundown of what the Bicycle Coalition was up to in February 2018: Remembering Everyone Killed in Traffic […]

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One Year On: Vision Zero Changes Since Emily Fredricks’ Passing

By Sarah Clark Stuart and Randy LoBasso Early one morning on a dry, cold November day, the driver of a garbage truck took the life of Emily Fredricks, a 24 year-old woman on her way to work while riding on the Spruce Street bike lane.   In the difficult days and weeks and months — […]

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