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Women Leading the Bike Movement Panel Wows at the 10th Annual Philly Bike Expo

This weekend, amidst the excitement at the tenth annual Philly Bike Expo, an all-women panel of bike advocates presented on their grassroots efforts to make cycling accessible for all in the region. WHYY was on hand to cover the panel, organized by the Bicycle Coalition. Among the panelists was the founder of the Narberth Cycling Club […]

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More Reasons To Get In On The Bike Expo Fun

We’ve already covered rides that end at the Philly Bike Expo, don’t-miss workshops and panels, and a cool community conversation around equity in cycling. Here are two other highlights of this weekend’s Philly Bike Expo:  2,048 total views,  7 views today

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How To Join The Group That Advises PennDOT

Have you ever felt like you wish you could talk directly to PennDOT? Here’s your chance! The Pennsylvania Pedalcycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, commonly referred to as PPAC, is comprised of members of the public who advise PennDOT about bike/ped issues. Members serve 3-year terms, which are due to expire soon. Members meet quarterly (four […]

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Newtown Rail Trail Breaks Ground in Bucks County

After years of waiting, on October 15th, Bucks County broke ground on the first section of the Newtown Rail Trail in Southhampton Township. This 2.5-mile, 12-foot-wide multi-use trail will connect Tamanend Park in Upper Southampton Township to the popular Pennypack Rail Trail in Montgomery County. Located on SEPTA’s former Newtown Branch, the trail will be […]

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Amtrak’s Philly to Pittsburgh Train is Now Bike Accessible

The Pennsylvanian is a once a day train that travels from NY Penn Station to Union Station in Pittsburgh via Philadelphia and is partially subsidized by PennDOT. Amtrak began expanding bike access in 2016 with the launch of bike service on the Washington to Chicago Capitol Limited. Today, Amtrak allows bicycles on 29 routes and, […]

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Call The PA Senate Transportation Committee and Demand Safe Streets for Pedestrians and Bicyclists!

Pennsylvania cities and towns lack the ability to install parking protected bike lanes and pedestrian plazas — something other states have been benefiting from for years. Protected bike lanes keep cyclists safe, increase cycling as a form of transportation and recreation, and help curb climate change. Due to a technicality in the PA Vehicle Code, […]

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All Aboard! Take Your Bike on the Train for an Excursion to New Castle, DE

For the second year in the row, our September Explore the Circuit series will combine bicycling with SEPTA Regional Rail to Wilmington, DE to ride the wonderful Jack Markell Trail. In Wilmington, we’ll stop at the DuPont Environmental Education Center before heading to Battery Park in historic New Castle. The total round trip is 15 […]

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Bucks County Breaks Ground On Quakertown to Bethlehem Trail

2019 continues to be an active period for Circuit Trails construction in our region. The latest project is the Upper Bucks Rail Trail; 40 miles from Central Philadelphia was a milestone for Bucks County as it is the first County sponsored groundbreaking for a Circuit Trail. Construction will commence in October and should be complete […]

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How I Spent My Summer Bike-cation: Mérida

By Alan Spooner, Development Director I’ve realized that cyclists are in some ways like golfers: a golfer would never dream of traveling to a new vacation destination without playing a course there. Bike advocates are perhaps worse – not only do we bike, we keep a keen eye out for infrastructure and traffic behavior when […]

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How I Spent My Summer Bike-cation: Down the Shore

Since the birth of our daughter, my partner and I have spent a lot less of our time off camping and backpacking through cities and public parks, and more of it sitting in the hot sand, listening to the ocean, sleeping in, and wrestling our sandwiches back from seagulls in Avalon, NJ. The summer of […]

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