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Protected Bike Lane Action Team

Several infrastructure projects in Pittsburgh, Lancaster, York, Harrisburg, and Philadelphia have been put on hold or have been watered down due to some weird language in the Pennsylvania vehicle code — but we can do something about it.

Call Senator John Sabatina and ask he bring up HB792 for a vote in October!

1. Call Sen. Sabatina, co-chair of the Senate Transportation Committee:

  • Senator John Sabatina, Chair: (717) 787-9608

2. Say this: “Hello. My name is ______ and I am a constituent of Senator Sabatina. I live in the 5th District of Pennsylvania and I’m calling to ask that he please bring House Bill 792 up for a vote when the Transportation Committee reconvenes in October. This legislation would allow for Parking Protected Bike Lanes and Pedestrian Plazas in Pennsylvania cities and towns. HB792 is a technical fix to the Vehicle Code that will allow the flexibility to design safe streets for everyone in Pennsylvania.”

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