Call to Action to Save the Newtown Rail Trail

Left: Current trail conditions. Right: Pennypack; what the trail could be.

Left: Current trail conditions. Right: Pennypack; what the trail could be.

Northampton Township Supervisors takes vote on Newtown Rail Trail this Wednesday.

Northampton Supervisors will take a vote to allow an engineering study for the long-debated rail trail in Bucks County to go forward this Wednesday.  If it votes down the study, the Newtown Rail Trail will not move forward beyond Southhampton Township.

Let Northampton supervisors know you want to see a study done to answer questions the supervisors and residents have regarding their 4.5 miles segment of the trail. Without this study the trail won’t go forward in Northampton Township.

For details and a brief history on the trail see this Philadelphia Daily News article about the fight for the trail, which is largely over “NIMBYism” and the fear that a multi-purpose trail would bring a “bad element” to the town.

And for additional information, see Bicycle Coalition blogs here, here, here, and here.

The Northampton Township meeting is:

Wednesday, December 14 at 7:30pm (although folks will begin speaking about other issues at 6:30)
Northampton Township Building
55 Township Road, Richboro, PA

Please express your support to our supervisors directly via e-mail, by contacting the supervisors:

Chairman – Larry Weinstein –

Barry Moore –

Eileen Silver –

Dr. Kimberly Rose –

Frank O’Donnell –

Township Manager – Bob Pellegrino:

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One comment on “Call to Action to Save the Newtown Rail Trail

  1. Dave Hoffer

    Use the current rail to trail system to commute to work to and from 75 times this year including today. My commute leaves from NE Philadelphia thru Pennypack Park over to Lorimer and the rails to trails to the end at Bayberry Rd and up to Davisville Rd for work with only being in traffic for 5 minutes. The amount of people that walk and jog along the trail daily. The Rangers are always patrolling the trail and have never had any concerns about traveling along the trail. Please allow the trail to continue to Richboro. Thank you

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