These Bike Lanes Need to be Restriped ASAP

Philadelphians are concerned about the condition of our city’s streets, and so is the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia. That’s why we’re continuing to advocate for the restriping of important city bike lanes before winter sets in.

 While we want every bike lane on our Faded Bike Lane map to be restriped, we’ve put together a list of the most important faded bike lanes, and are currently advocating in the city for the following:

  1. Spruce St. – 9th to 17th
  2. Pine St. – 9th to 10th; 16th to 20th
  3. 13th St. – Filbert to Race
  4. Moyamensing – Washington to Wharton

There are bike lanes all over Philadelphia that need restriping. In fact, by our count, there are approximately 23 miles that need new paint now. However, we are advocating for the streets above, specifically, because of their important to Philadelphia’s network and are used by hundreds, if not thousands, on a daily basis. Spruce and Pine Streets, for instance, are among the city’s most biked in Center City. Today, for certain blocks, they are unrecognizable.

Check out this recent video we made, riding Spruce and Pine Streets:

And while we would favor better versions of these lanes in the future, it’s important that the bike lanes be visible now so that drivers are made more aware of where the vehicle lane ends and bike lane begins.

 That’s why we are working to push for these streets to be restriped before the end of the year.

A lot hinges on Mother Nature. Restriping can’t occur unless the air temperature is above 40 degrees. So, if restriping doesn’t happen before the temperatures drop to freezing, it must wait until the spring. That’s not ideal, which is why we’re urging the city to restripe these particular streets as soon as possible.

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2 comments on “These Bike Lanes Need to be Restriped ASAP

  1. Daron Phillips

    This video was really good to watch. Memorizing, as I was captivated to watch entire sequence. True that there were so many street lines that need repainting. I hope this highlights how needed the painted infra is. Painted lines are the first step and probably cheapest in helping drivers, cyclists and pedestrians interpret the roads they travel on…

  2. Joachim Breitner

    It’s a short but crucial bit: The bike lane on 27th street, between Lombard and the South Street Bridge, is basically invisible.

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