Bike Chester County Chair Gets Whimsical Trophy

The engraving on the trophy reads “Amanda Lozinak, Bike Chester County, Champion Emeritus”


On December 4th, Bicycle Coalition affiliate group Bike Chester County (BCC) held its annual Supporter Social at the Whip Tavern in Coatesville. This was a special one in that it was the last with BCC’s Chair, Amanda Lozinak. She has served as our “super volunteer” in Chester County for several years, and decided in recent months to step down. We decided we couldn’t merely accept her resignation with out offering a parting gift that is commensurate with her tireless advocacy and dedication to making Chester County a better place to walk and bike. So we had a custom trophy made for her, complete with spinning stars and a “champion” sticker, because of course we did.

Amanda was subsequently quoted as saying “I want to thank you for the obnoxious trophy you made for me. It was nothing short of awesome.”

We are accepting applications for a replacement for Amanda. Candidates should be residents of Chester County and Bicycle Coalition members in good standing. The time commitment per month varies according to each Chair’s schedule, but usually includes holding occasional planning meetings, updating the county facebook page, holding one Supporter Social per year, and organizing rides or other events as time allows. If interested in applying, click here for our online application, which takes about one minute to complete. Yes, one day you too could be the recipient of an obnoxious and awesome trophy. 

The night covered other topics as well, including Bike Chester County’s work in helping Chester County Planning Commission find an on road interim alignment for the Chester Valley Trail West, promoting completion of the SRT between Parker Ford and the 422 Bridge, and encouraging the formation of Bike Kennet. Josie Marsh of Bike Kennett encouraged others interested in forming municipal level advocacy affiliates to jump in! The strength and enthusiasm of local bike/ped advocacy is terrific and we want to foster as much of it throughout Greater Philadelphia as possible.

And a shout out to Kacey Kulp for opening up the Whip Tavern to host this month’s supporter social for us!

Scroll below for other pics from the fun night we had!


Through advocacy and education, the Bicycle Coalition leads the movement to make bicycling a safe and fun way to get around for anyone in Greater Philadelphia. We’re a member-funded organization, and we can’t advocate for building out the region’s bicycle network without your support. Join or donate today to partner with us and make your ride better.

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