2019 Philadelphia Vision Zero Conference Presentations

Audience at 2019 Vision Zero Conference

By Benjamin Harris

The 2019 Philadelphia Vision Zero Conference was a great success. There were lots of great presentations, representing many different organizations, professionals, and commuters. You can read our debrief about the conference here.

While not all the speakers used visual aids during their presentations, the ones who did were nice enough to let us publish them. So for anyone who might be more interested, here are their presentations.

Vision Zero in Philadelphia – Progress to Date

Vision Zero Philadelphia: Kelley Yemen – Director, Office of Complete Streets

Route for Change: Transforming the Boulevard: Angela E. Dixon – Director of Planning, Office of Transportation, Infrastructure, and Sustainability

Philadelphia Parking Authority: Scott Petri – Executive Director, Philadelphia Parking Authority

Lunch Presentation


Philly! You are Not Alone (Vision Zero is Hard for All Cities): Veronica O. Davis, PE – Co-Owner and Principal Planning Manager, Nspiregreen LLC

Planning Opportunities & Challenges


Urban Freight Challenges: The Role of the Public Sector: Michael Ruane – Freight Planner, DVRPC

How Private Trash Companies Can Make the Streets Safer: James Gill – Athena Contracting, Inc

Complete Streets Considerations for Freight and Emergency VehiclesAlison Conway – Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, City College of New York

Equity Opportunities & Challenges


AARP/Bicycle Coalition Listening Sessions: Yocasta Lora – AARP PA; Stasia Monteiro – HACE; De’Wayne Drummond – Mantua Civic Association; Randy LoBasso – Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia

Neighborhood Slow Zone: Kelley Yemen & Charlotte Castle – Office of Complete Streets

Implementation Opportunities & Challenges


Protected Bike Lanes – Knitting the Network: History & Future of Philadelphia’s Bike Program: Jeannette Brugger – Bicycle & Pedestrian Coordinator, Office of Transportation, Infrastructure, and Sustainability

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  1. Suzanne Hagner

    Families for Safer Streets…I would like to hear their presentation please….

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