Support Jamal Morris’ Family’s Call for Safer Streets


Jamal C. Morris was struck by a hit-and-run driver while riding his bicycle in West Philadelphia on April 17. The Drexel graduate and engineer died in the hospital just a couple days later. Police have still not found the person who killed him.  Since that time, the Bicycle Coalition has been meeting with, and working with, Morris’ family and friends to make Philadelphia’s streets safe.

Along with Morris’ family, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia are advocating for the implementation of new and stronger measures at the state and city level to make streets safe.

As a first step, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia’s Bob Previdi and Randy LoBasso will be accompanying Channabel Latham, Natasha Morris-Battle – Jamal’s mother and sister, respectively – and many of his friends on a trip to Harrisburg on May 18.

While there, they will speak directly with legislators about three key pieces of legislation that will help calm traffic in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, and reduce speeding.

The group will specifically ask legislators to move three pieces of legislation in the Senate.

  • House Bill 950:  Extend Red Light Camera Program to 2027 Pennsylvania’s red light camera program is set to expire next year.  The program must be extended for the next 10 years.
  • Senate Bill 1034: Photo Enforcement Program on Roosevelt Boulevard This bill would create a pilot program to reduce speeding on Roosevelt Boulevard. Speeding currently accounts for a third of all traffic deaths in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia.
  • Senate Bill 535 and 559: Authorize Municipal Police to Use Radar This bill would allow local police departments throughout Pennsylvania to use radar to catch drivers for speed. Pennsylvania is the only state in the country that does not give local police this World War II-era technology.

Will you sign a letter in support of Morris’ family and the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia?

Your letter will show both state Legislators and Morris’ family that there are others that share the convictions that more can be done to make streets safer!

Click here to support for these bills.  Your letter will help support the Bicycle Coalition and Jamal Morris’ Family when they speak to Pennsylvania’s legislators.

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One comment on “Support Jamal Morris’ Family’s Call for Safer Streets

  1. Dane

    Hi Randy,

    Is there any plan to also potentially support heavier enforcement of overall driving “skills” rather than just speeding? I’m talking about things like passing on the left, using a blinker, etc. I think these things, are as important, if not moreso, than just speeding (albeit speeding is a very very important fight). People in this country have a horrible habit of ignoring many of these items. However, following them makes the road more predictable for everybody.

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